Author: Mike Garrity


Mother’s Day

Every year in Boston, the arboretum has an event called Lilac Sunday. It’s on Mother’s Day, and you can go picnic in their amazing lilac collection. Unfortunately, some years the lilacs bloom too early....

Joshua Bell 0

Joshua Bell

This afternoon we went in to Symphony Hall to see Joshua Bell and the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields perform the Beethoven Violin Concerto. It was a pretty amazing performance. The violin...

The Quickening Art 0

The Quickening Art

We went to an interesting play last night. It’s called Yesterday Happened: Remembering H. M.. It’s about the life of Henry Molaison. He’s famous in the medical literature as HM. In 1953, experimental brain...


Tower Park Battle

This weekend is a busy one here in Lexington. Patriot’s Day is celebrated on Monday, but there’s stuff going on all weekend. This afternoon there was a battle reenactment at Tower Park. It was...


Engineering Competition

The competition for Tom’s engineering project was at the High School this evening. Here are Tom and his partner Matt arriving at the scene. One of the rules is that the machine had to...


Tom’s Engineering Project

Tom’s physics class has been working on an engineering project. They need to build a machine which will put 11 corks into a box. There are a bunch of rules about size and placement....

The Blog as Commonplace Book 0

The Blog as Commonplace Book

I really enjoyed this article on The Millions by Shaj Mathew which compares blogs to commonplace books. I think that it’s a really good analogy. At least that’s pretty much how I use this...



I just finished reading Stephen Greenblatt’s recent book The Swerve: How the World Became Modern. It’s a very enjoyable read. It starts with a Indiana Jones-like story of Poggio Bracciolini searching through monastery libraries...

Out of Print 0

Out of Print

Did you hear the news? The Encyclopaedia Britannica is going out of print. The 2010 edition was the last paper version. Isn’t that sad? I spent hours pouring through it in the library when...


Tom’s Photo Class

I finally got around to scanning the rest of Tom’s projects from the photography class he took last semester (link1, link2). Here are a few of my favorites.