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Spring seems to really be here at last. We’ve had snowdrops and crocuses for a while now, but this weekend the daffodils opened up. It’s awfully nice to see them after that long winter.



We’ve planted potatoes in our garden the last couple of years. The results have been tasty, but not really too impressive. We usually get a handful of tiny new potatoes. They taste really good,...



Our hawthorn has finished flowering and is covered with fruit.These are called “haws” and they are where half of the tree’s name comes from. But this year, they’re all covered with orange spikes! They’ve...



Every year we grow several different varieties of tomato. I like to get heirloom tomatoes as they tend to have more flavor that you usually get from tomatoes from the store. This year in...


Indoor Tomatoes

Last year I set up a Window Farm. My plan was to grow mostly herbs, but with just one or two cherry tomato plants. But the herbs didn’t take off, and the tomatoes definitely...


Window Farming

Almost a year ago I supported my first successful Kickstarter project: Windowfarms – Vertical Food Gardens. They met their initial $50k goal, and their $200k goal which meant they pledged to get them manufactured...


Nikkor AF-S VR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6

This is a fairly pointless collection of photos, but I was messing around with a new lens today. The office has been a construction zone for months now, so the easiest shots to get...



I’m no great shakes at identifying fungi, but I’m pretty sure that this cutey I found growing in Turkey Patch is a member of the famous Amanita genus. That’s definitely a genus you treat...


The Mathematics of Tomato Cages

Chris recently bought some new cages for supporting the tomatoes. They’re a bit fancier than our old ones. They look like this: There are three poles which you stick into the dirt. Then you...



We were talking about cashews the other day, and most people had no idea that they look like this on the tree. I remembered that the shell is poisonous, but I’d forgotten the details....