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Marc Levoy’s group at Stanford has been doing lots of cool stuff for many years now. I first met him in the 80’s when I was doing volume rendering. But every time I go...


Phong Shading and the Pioneer Anomaly

Have you heard of the Pioneer anomaly? Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 are two spacecraft which were launched into the outer solar system back in the early 70’s. They’re now about 20 ALUs away...

Minecraft Terrain Generation 0

Minecraft Terrain Generation

Peter has been completely hooked on Minecraft for months now. He has lots of great stories to tell about managing a server, writing mods and all sorts of other things, but I haven’t been...

3D Goldrush 0

3D Goldrush

All Things Considered had a very gushing story tonight about companies like Legend3D. These are companies which take movies and 3dify them. Basically this means that a person Photoshops each frame adds a bit...

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Today’s Abstruse Goose comic is pretty funny.

Russell Kirsch Says He’s Sorry 0

Russell Kirsch Says He’s Sorry

Science News had a funny article the other day about Russell Kirsch who is believed to have scanned the first digital image when he worked at the National Bureau of Standards in 1957. He...


XKCD Color Survey Results

Color names have provoked a lot of philosophical debate over the years. When you say “green” do you mean exactly the same thing that I mean when I say “green”? For example, color naming...

History of Multi-Touch UIs 0

History of Multi-Touch UIs

Now that everyone is starting to get lawyered up about multi-touch UIs, it’s good to take a look at Bill Buxton’s excellent history of multi-touch systems.  This sort of thing happens pretty regularly. It’s...


More Stardent Junk

To follow up that previous post, here’s some more Stardent Vistra 800 stuff from that box in the attic. After we finished getting the first prototype built, it posed for its media photos. Here...


Intel i860

I was going through some old boxes in the attic the other day, and I ran into a tray full of these.   That’s a chip called the i860. Intel made them from about...