Author: Mike Garrity

Kahn’s Library 0

Kahn’s Library

This is a short, computer generated film by Alex Roman. Kahn’s Exeter Short Film from Alex Roman on Vimeo. It’s very nicely done. You might want to click through for the high-res version. He...


Little Things

I enjoyed this diagram from FlowingData. Unfortunately the kids have been sliding down the left side just as I’ve been climbing up the right side.

The Financial-Industrial Complex 0

The Financial-Industrial Complex

Simon Johnson has an article in the NYTimes today with another suggestion on reforming the finance industry. He compares the dangers we face from this industry to the dangers Eisenhower warned about with the...

Romneycare 0


Timothy Egan had a cute article yesterday about our former governor. It’s about how Romney was bragging about how great “his” Massachusetts health insurance plan was when he was running for president last year,...

2700 Billion Digits of Pi 0

2700 Billion Digits of Pi

On December 31st, Fabrice Bellard (founder of FFmpeg) announced that he’d calculated pi to 2,700 billion decimal places. Check out the details here. The coolest thing is that he did it using a single...


Walden Pond

Yesterday we walked around Walden Pond so that everyone could get a good appetite for the roast beast. The boys brought the marshmallow shooters they got for Christmas. They chased each other around the...

McCain Cantwell 0

McCain Cantwell

Senators John McCain and Maria Cantwell have introduced legislation which would reinstate Glass-Steagall. The Glass-Steagall act was a law which was introduced after the Great Depression. It separated banks into different types and made...

Bostonian of the Year 0

Bostonian of the Year

Every year at this time, the Boston Globe puts together a list of 10 notable Bostonians of the year. This year’s top pick is Elizabeth Warren. She definitely would be high on my list...

OSTP vs. ACM 0


As part of President Obama’s Open Government Initiative, the Office of Science & Technology Policy is asking for feedback from the public about public access to the results of federally funded research. Unfortunately, the...


Big Fridge

The reason we were messing around with the plumbing arrived today. It looks like this: Isn’t it cute? It’s really big. That’s a problem. We live in a cape which was built in 1950....