Author: Mike Garrity



My old Miata has been having a few issues recently. They’re mostly rust related, which is what happens after 20 years of New England winters. But check out its latest malady. Ouch! That’s the...


Lime Rock Historic Festival 2013

We had a great time at Lime Rock this weekend. There was some rain, but the worst of it was during the nights. Anytime there was a shower during the day, it passed through...

Keys Left 0

Keys Left

I like Scott Hanselman’s site keysleft. It calculates how many keystrokes you have left in your hands before you die. So get typing!

Google define 0

Google define

Google has been rolling out a lot of new search features recently. My favorite is that if you put the word define in front of something, and then expand the card (click the big...


Brush Up Your Shakespeare

We went down to the Hatch Shell tonight to see Commonwealth Shakespeare and Boston Landmarks Orchestra do Kiss Me Kate. It was a beautiful summer night in Boston, and the music was wonderful. In...


Pi Hacking

Our nephew Ben is visiting us this week. He brought his Raspberry Pi with him. The boys have got it setup in the TV room and have started hacking around with it. Ben created...



While we were visiting Peter last weekend, we made a quick drive out to Mill Run to visit Fallingwater. We’ve certainly seen thousands of pictures of the house over the years, but seeing it...



While we were in Pittsburgh visiting Peter, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix was going on. A lot of the racing at the PVGP happens at Pitt-Race outside town, but there’s lots to see in...



Peter is spending the summer at the National High School Game Academy (NHSGA). That’s a summer program at the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC). We went to visit him last weekend. It’s a really cool...

NA vs. NC 0

NA vs. NC

I’ve had the new Miata for almost two months now, but I’ve been too busy to write up a comparison of the two. Luckily, Danny Cruz has done it for me! Go check out...