Author: Mike Garrity


Last Remnants

It rained a lot the last couple of days. The weatherman said: This rain will melt the last remnants of the snow. Last remnants… Doesn’t that sound nice? The snowdrops are coming up.

Minecraft Terrain Generation 0

Minecraft Terrain Generation

Peter has been completely hooked on Minecraft for months now. He has lots of great stories to tell about managing a server, writing mods and all sorts of other things, but I haven’t been...


New Morgan Trike

I can’t say that many new cars really excite me these days. They’ve all become awfully similar to each other. Lots of silver jelly beans. But at the Geneva auto show, Morgan announced something...

3D Goldrush 0

3D Goldrush

All Things Considered had a very gushing story tonight about companies like Legend3D. These are companies which take movies and 3dify them. Basically this means that a person Photoshops each frame adds a bit...

Woodie Flowers 0

Woodie Flowers

This month’s Technology Review has a nice profile of one of my favorites professors from when I was in college.  Be sure to check out all of the pictures too. Woodie pretty much created...



Down by the dock here there are a bunch of these spikey pods hanging from the trees just on the landward side of the mangroves. We were curious what they are, so we did...


Boca Grande

Yesterday we all went over to Boca Grande. It was a beautiful day and the kids all had a great time. The beach was a little ripped up compared to previous years, but it...



We’re in Florida at the moment visiting my parents. It’s a nice break from the weather in Boston this winter. It was sunny and in the low 80’s today. We got the boat out...