Author: Mike Garrity


Yankee Ingenuity

The power substation in our town has this big transformer out back. It has had some issues with overheating on hot summer days. They’ve come up with a clever solution. Can you see it...

Which Way Does Your Toilet Paper Roll? 0

Which Way Does Your Toilet Paper Roll?

From the Best of Wikipedia blog,  here is one of the most detailed discussions you’ll ever read about one of society’s great debates. Just the References section can probably keep you busy for days.

Types of Players & Gamers 1

Types of Players & Gamers

I’ve recently been reading Play by Stuart Brown. He has a section about play personalities. He lists the following eight play personality types: Joker – A joker’s play always revolves around some kind of...


Kitchen Light

Here’s that new light we were installing in the kitchen the other day. You can’t really see it very well in that picture. Here’s a close up. Isn’t it cute? It was made by...



It’s cold season again, which reopens a long running debate at our house. Chris and the kids insist that the Nyquil gelcaps work fine. I insist that you need to drink the liquid and...



I’ve often cracked jokes about Chris trying to set high score on her Prius’ gas mileage display. Apparently Nissan has taken that idea seriously. The new Leaf keeps track of your scores, compares them...


Gone Fishin’

A couple of our Christmas presents this year involved fishing wires through the walls. First we ran ethernet cable through the cellar. We have all of the computer equipment at one end of the...


After the Storm

We had a big winter storm go through Sunday night. After the snow, it got really cold and windy. This morning the sky was clear and the sun was shining brightly. The wind had...

The Danger of Cosmic Genius 0

The Danger of Cosmic Genius

About 30 years ago, Kenneth Brower wrote a wonderful book called The Starship and the Canoe. It’s about Freeman Dyson and his son George. It’s a wonderful book because it’s about so many different...