Author: Chris Garrity


25 Years of the Web

According to Tim Berners-Lee it was the 25th anniversary of the web this week. I’m not really sure of that number as it was another year before he wrote the first browser. But it...


FTC State Finals

Peter’s robotics team went to the state championships yesterday at Bridgewater State. It was a big event with teams from all over the state (and New Hampshire). The competition was really exciting. Their machine...


Cold Winter

Usually when we get back from Florida the snow drops are starting to bloom on the north side of the house. Not this year. As you can see the ones closest to the house...


Welcome to the new blog

Ta-Daa! I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been spending time getting the blog moved from Blogger to WordPress. Blogger was quick and easy to set up many years ago when we were...


Sous Vide Dabs

I’ve been waiting to try the Anova immersion heater circulator that I got for Christmas with fish from our CSF. This week we got a bunch of dabs, a flat fish in the flounder...



I’m currently riveting shear panels onto the Westfield’s tube frame. To do this, you clamp the panel onto the frame, and then drill holes every couple of inches for the rivets. The tricky bit...


Eggplants roasting on a ???

Mike came home the other day saying we should figure out this dish he’d had at work called “Banyon Barta.” After a bit of googling, I found this recipe for Baingan Bharta, and it’s...


Tom off to Newcastle

We saw Tom off to England last night. He’s arriving today to stay with Martha and Scott for a few months. Hope we get to hear about his travels in England while he’s there.


Pasta with sausage, tomatoes and cream

This is one of our all time favorite pasta recipes. Usually I make it with bow-ties (farfalle), but this time I used another shape. The June 1990 copy of Bon Appétit that the original...


Which fictional character are you?

Have you ever been tested for your Myers-Briggs type? That’s the one that is a combination of 4 letters I/E S/N F/T J/P.  Here’s a quick test if you don’t already know your ‘type’....