Author: Mike Garrity

The Failing Railing 0

The Failing Railing

One of the posts holding the railing along the front steps has been getting pretty rusty. I was worried about it failing while someone was leaning on the railing. So I spent some time...


Süleymaniye Mosque

After we walked along the land walls in Istanbul, we walked through the Fener neighborhood … … with this dog following us most of the way for some reason. We visited the Chora museum. It’s...


Land Walls of Theodosius

Last weekend we were in Istanbul. It was an amazing experience, and I’ll probably have a couple of posts about it. But I want to start with what we did Sunday morning. We took...


Magic Square on Sagrada Familia

While we were in Barcelona recently, we visited the Sagrada Familia. I was particularly impressed by the sculptures on the Passion facade. They were done by Josep Maria Subirachs, and are wonderfully expressive: But...



Last weekend we went to the Széchenyi baths in the city park. We got there early, before the horde of Instagramming 20 somethings showed up and took over the place. The interior of the...



A beautiful spring evening in Budapest. Walking home past all the bookshops. One of which still has a neon owl sign like they did during Communist times.


Art Nouveau Budapest

Budapest has a lot of art nouveau treasures. Last weekend we set out to learn a bit more about that period. First we visited the György Ráth villa. Rath was the director of one...



I was out for a walk today and met this beautiful young hawk: When we were looking at the picture later, Chris noticed that she’s wearing jesses. You can see them hanging down below...



If you’ve ever lived in Boston, I’m sure you know about Allston Christmas. That’s the day all the students move and leave their unwanted furniture littering the sidewalks for others to claim. Today I...


Národní Technické Muzeum

While we were in Prague, we went to the Národní Technické Muzeum. That’s the Czech National Technical Museum. It’s full of all sorts of interesting machines that we really never see in the West, such...