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Pictures in Silos 0

Pictures in Silos

The other day, Josh Wallaert posted a nice article about what silos like Facebook are doing to the availability of photographs for reuse. He’s talking about the fact that people are now taking hundreds...

Revenue Sources 0

Revenue Sources

Now that the election is over, all of the chatter in Washington is about the fiscal cliff (well, not all the chatter). I’m surprised by how narrow the discussion is when it comes to...

What to do with Whey? 0

What to do with Whey?

I’ve been making yogurt at home for a couple of years now. And since I like the Greek Style yogurt, which is strained, I end up with about a quart of whey each time...

Last Night’s Winner 0

Last Night’s Winner

I’m pretty fuzzy headed this morning. It was a late night last night. There was a lot of good news in the end, but it’s clear that the big winner was Emily’s List. Hopefully...

Election Night Bingo Cards 0

Election Night Bingo Cards

Sanjeev Kumar put together this nice, interactive guide for tracking the election results tomorrow night. As you check off swing states, it keeps track of how many different paths each candidate has left. If...

Why I Blog 0

Why I Blog

I really enjoyed a recent post by James Somers called More people should write. I think it captures an important part of why I got hooked on blogging. Knowing you’re going to write things...


Storm Damage

Now that Sandy has left town, everyone has been out surveying the damage. We actually got off pretty lightly. That’s probably because last year’s Halloween storm (and all the tree work afterwards) cleared out...


Boston Book Festival

Chris & I had a great time at the Boston Book Festival last weekend. We went to the Church of the Covenant to hear Robin Young interview Alexander McCall Smith. Ostensibly, he was talking...


Wrong Turn

It looks like someone got lost. Actually, we were at the Head of the Charles today. Mini was one of the sponsors this year, and they brought this boat along. Here’s another picture.