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Quirky Octopus

One of the nice things about my office at Formlabs is that I have a 3D printer on my desk. Its name is “quirkyOctopus”. It looks like this: Today I finally got a chance...


Mathworker to Formling

So last week, I was working here: And this week, I’m working here: Pretty nice, huh? Anyways, after almost 15 years in the burbs, I’m having a lot of fun being in Somerville at...


More Wiring

I spent a lot of time on the wiring this weekend. Mostly on the wiper motor, the only Lucas part in the car. After a lot of running around in circles, I finally measured...



Nautilus just had an article about Martin Newell’s teapot called The Most Important Object In Computer Graphics History Is This Teapot. As you’ve probably guessed from some of my posts, I’m a big fan...


Ken Perlin @ Emily Carr

It’s always good to pay attention to what Ken Perlin is working on. This talk he gave at Emily Carr University covers a lot of his recent projects. What do you think? Is this a preview...


It’s a Wrap

We did the next step on the dashboard today. If you’ve been following along, you know that it’s made out of hammerformed aluminum. But it still needed some sort of finish. I could have...



I’ve been wiring up the gauges this weekend. I still have 4 switches and 5 indicator lights to go, plus a lot of tidying. Here’s what they look like from the “right” side.


It’s Alive!

So this happened today. Shortly after that, the neighbors noticed all the commotion and came over, so we did another take.


More Scary Holes

So the next thing I had to do after making my nice dash was to cut a bunch of holes in it. That made me a bit nervous. I got a lot of the...


Hammer(form) Time!

One piece of the Westfield kit that I didn’t like was the dash. It uses the instrument pod from Miata, and put it into a flimsy plastic molding. The result just didn’t look right,...