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Developing Hilbert Curve

Henry Segerman has a new book coming out. While waiting for my copy to come, I decided to print one of his examples. This is one he calls “Developing Hilbert Curve“. I think it...

Hackathon/Bogrács Gulyás 0

Hackathon/Bogrács Gulyás

At work this weekend, we had a hackathon. Everyone was making cool stuff and trying out crazy ideas. Of course, even when you’re hacking, you need to do things right. And that includes safety...



So I’ve invested a ridiculous amount of time into getting the windshield wipers sorted. It seems like a silly thing to put that much work into on a car which doesn’t even have a...



I’ve been enjoying Bunnie Huang‘s latest series, but this one’s especially provocative, isn’t it? What do you think?

Word for the Day 0

Word for the Day

Here’s my favorite word I learned this week: Agnotology It’s the study of “culturally induced ignorance or doubt”. In other words, the study of the act of convincing the public to believe things that...


Fun in the Sun

We got the Westfield out of the garage this morning. There was a lot of fussing about ground clearance. It was pretty tight. Once it was out in the sun, we could see how...


Five Tetrahedra

The other day I printed the polyhedra from my last MathWorks blog post. The compounds of five tetrahedra look pretty nice in clear resin. Those are only about an inch across. That’s the “Laevo”...


Shaper Origin Demo

One of the most interesting tools I’ve seen recently is the Origin CNC router from Shaper. It’s a hand router that moves the head relative to the base to compensate for errors in how...


Quirky Octopus

One of the nice things about my office at Formlabs is that I have a 3D printer on my desk. Its name is “quirkyOctopus”. It looks like this: Today I finally got a chance...