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Chorizo, Egg, and Onion Sandwiches

A few weeks ago I had to make dinner for myself and Peter, and wanted to do sausages, but the store didn’t have any sausage rolls, so I decided to make more of a...



I needed to do some work on the shifter because of this rip in the boot: When I had it apart, I found this: That little white bushing in the slot should be symmetric....


Engine In

We got the engine in this weekend: It went pretty smoothly and everything lined up nicely, even the scary hole in the side of the bodywork where the exhaust exits: Here are some action...


Get Down

Three garage days in a row was exactly what the doctor ordered. I got a lot done on the car this weekend. I started out by building a new bracket for the fuel pump....


Fitting Rear

I got the rear end of the body attached this weekend. This involved drilling a few scary holes, but they all turned out pretty well.


RenderScript on Tango

This one’s mostly a note for myself. I just got RenderScript working with AndroidStudio for my Tango tablet. It’s not well documented, and it seems to be a moving target, so here’s what I...


Fitting Bodywork

This was a busy weekend in the garage. I’m starting to install the body on the Westfield. That involves a lot of fiddling around to get all of the joints to come out nice...


OpenCV for Android

I recently got a Project Tango device. I hadn’t done much programming for it before I realized that it’d be really nice to have OpenCV library for programming it. Luckily there’s a port! Last...


Old Friends

Peter and I just got back from visiting colleges on the west coast. While we were there, he met something I used to spend a lot of time with: … and some people he used to spend...