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NA vs. NC 0

NA vs. NC

I’ve had the new Miata for almost two months now, but I’ve been too busy to write up a comparison of the two. Luckily, Danny Cruz has done it for me! Go check out...



Our hawthorn has finished flowering and is covered with fruit.These are called “haws” and they are where half of the tree’s name comes from. But this year, they’re all covered with orange spikes! They’ve...



Every year we grow several different varieties of tomato. I like to get heirloom tomatoes as they tend to have more flavor that you usually get from tomatoes from the store. This year in...



I’ve always wanted an engine hoist for around the shop. I’ve been tempted several times by the basic folding one at Harbor Freight when they have it on sale for $190, but I’ve never...


Nothing but Blue Skies

I worked in the graphics hardware group at Stellar back when Tom Van Sant created his wonderful image of the entire earth with no clouds. He created it using one of our GS1000 systems....


British Car Day

We went to British Car day at the Larz Anderson museum today. We saw some wonderful cars, like this Morgan trike. In the back, it has a couple of beer taps and a portrait...

The Basics 0

The Basics

Chris Harris recently took two of my favorite cars for a spin. It looks like an awful lot of fun, doesn’t it?



My first “real” programming jobs involved porting software to DEC’s new VMS operating system. VMS still exists today, but its days are certainly numbered. HP has just announced that they’re not porting it to...


Rhubarb Harvest

Over the weekend I decided that it was finally time to harvest some of the rhubarb from my garden. I started the first plants a couple of years ago, but until this year they...