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Right To Repair

The news from Beacon Hill recently has all been about some gambling bill, but there was also something important going on. The Senate passed a Right to Repair law in July. Unfortunately, the other...


Goodbye Google Wave

Google announced yesterday that they’ve stopped development on Google Wave. I’ve been using it to collaborate with widely distributed folks on one of my projects and it’s worked pretty well for us. On the...

Doctorow’s First Law 0

Doctorow’s First Law

Cory Doctorow had an interesting article in Publisher’s Weekly yesterday. It’s an update on one of the subjects he was talking about at the book signing we went to a few months ago. He’s...


Shakespeare On The Common

Last night we went to Shakespeare on the Common. Every summer, the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company puts on a series of plays on an open air stage on Boston Common. It’s one of our favorite...


MIG Welding

Today we set up our latest toy and started figuring out how to use it. Peter took a welding course recently, so he was teaching the rest of us. We started by using flux...


XBox Programming Class

This week I learned how to program the XBox. I took a class at Minuteman High School which was put on by Robotech Center. I thought it was very fun and educating. I learned...

The Art of the Press Release 0

The Art of the Press Release

The press is really weird. You probably saw the news this week about the guy who found some negatives in a garage sale, and it turns out that they’re lost Ansel Adams, and they’re...


No More Jolly Japes?

Growing up I loved reading Enid Blyton books, but they were starting to feel dated even when I was reading them in the 60s and 70s. Apparently the publisher is going to address this...


Mango Sorbet

The other evening we were having dinner at Solea restaurant in Waltham. Across the street is one of Waltham’s Indian grocery stores, New Apna Bazar. Right now seems to be mango season as they...

Harold 0


Today’s Abstruse Goose comic is pretty funny.