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Mango Sorbet

The other evening we were having dinner at Solea restaurant in Waltham. Across the street is one of Waltham’s Indian grocery stores, New Apna Bazar. Right now seems to be mango season as they...

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Today’s Abstruse Goose comic is pretty funny.



Last year they ripped up our road to replace the water mains. Since then we’ve been living with a ripped up road and a lot of potholes. The other day they showed up with...

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We went to see the movie Inception last night. It’s an interesting movie. Most of the reviews compare it to The Matrix. That makes sense because it relies on the same sort of trick...

Directed Graphs in Inheritance 0

Directed Graphs in Inheritance

When I talked about maternal haplogroups the other day, I touched on how this and the paternal haplogroup map onto your inheritance tree. Some of the details of how this works can be a...

Mashrou’ Leila 0

Mashrou’ Leila

On the way to the supermarket today, we heard a song on the radio called Embembelelah. It was really cool, but when we got home we had no idea how to spell it or...


Middlesex Fells

Today we did a short hike on the Skyline Trail in Middlesex Fells. We went down to the south end of the Fells, and climbed up to Wright’s Tower to get a nice view...



It’s that time of year. The days are really hot and sunny and the cicadas are buzzing in the tops of the trees. They’ve been coming out of the ground, sheding there exoskeletons and...


I Write Like

Have you seen I Write Like? It’s a simple webpage with a text field. You paste in a bunch of text you wrote. They analyze it, and then they give you the name of...


Mount Washington

We spent this weekend at the Mount Washington Hotel. My company rents it out every year for a big party. It is always nice to get up into the mountains during the hot part...