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Whole Earth Discipline 0

Whole Earth Discipline

I’m currently reading Stewart Brand’s latest book, Whole Earth Discipline. It’s basically about how he has changed his mind on the environmental effects of: Urbanization Nuclear Power Genetically Engineered Crops I’ll talk about the...

Corporate Personhood 1

Corporate Personhood

Based on the Supreme Court’s recent decision that corporations have the same rights as individuals, a PR firm in Maryland has announced that it is running for congress. From the NYTime’s Economix blog.  ...



The kids have a bunch of fancy video game hardware. But one of the games they’ve spent the most time playing recently is one that I used to play on a VT100 almost 25...



It’s that time of year again. The President has rolled out his budget proposal for 2011. That’s the beginning of a fairly drawn out process. In a couple of weeks the CBO will add...


Mark Morris

We went to see the Mark Morris Dance Group last night. They were performing a set of dances based on Mozart piano pieces. Morris always seems to listen to the music more than most...



NASA parked the Spirit rover this week. It had gotten stuck in the sand 10 months ago, they haven’t been able to come up with any way to get it unstuck, and winter’s setting...


Ed Thigpen

Ed Thigpen died yesterday. He was the drummer on so many of those great Oscar Peterson records. Together with Ray Brown, they defined what the Jazz trio should sound like. Tonight at dinner, I...


Gatz & Holden

We went to see Gatz at the ART the other night. Gatz is a play by the Elevator Repair Service which is based on the novel The Great Gatsby. It’s a very interesting production....

Jonathan Haidt Interview 0

Jonathan Haidt Interview

The Utne Reader has an interesting interview with Jonathan Haidt about politics. If you’re not familiar with Jonathan Haidt, he’s a Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Virginia. He’s done a lot...

Blogging In Class 0

Blogging In Class

Tim Bray wrote a great post about being invited to visit his fifth grade son’s class and “teach the internet”. He created a blog and let them all start posting. Go check it out.