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Spring coming!

This has been a weird winter. We’ve had very cold stretches, and some warmer days. According to the monthly summary in the Globe today, February was warmer than normal. I wish we still had...

Dye Transfer Print 0

Dye Transfer Print

My favorite photography blog (The Online Photographer) recently had a fundraiser. They were selling dye transfer prints by Ctein, a photographer whose work (and writing) I really enjoy. I ordered one. It came the...

Top Down 0

Top Down

The rain in Boston this week has been truly biblical. Chris and I were downtown last night. Every building we entered had buckets scattered around to deal with the leaks. Walking outside, the rain...

Roger Ebert 0

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert is writing some of the best stuff on the web at the moment. For a good example check out this article about the hotel he used to stay at when he was...


Punta Gorda Eagles

A pair of bald eagles have been nesting in downtown Punta Gorda for the last few years. Their nest is right in the park next to the historical society. That’s kind of neat because...


Shark’s Teeth

We’re visiting my parents in Florida this week. One of the places we like to go when we’re down here is Englewood beach. We go there to collect shark’s teeth. This was a good...

What Personality is that Blog? 0

What Personality is that Blog?

I just ran into Typealyzer. You point it at a blog and it tells you the Myers-Briggs type indicator of the author. It thinks we’re INTP, which is probably a pretty good approximation of...

Keep Your Crises Small 0

Keep Your Crises Small

I mentioned Ed Catmull the other day in this post. Yesterday, in this post, I talked about Andrew Lo’s thoughts about planning for failure and containing it. So here’s Ed at Stanford Business School...

Andrew Lo 0

Andrew Lo

I recently attended an interesting talk by Andrew Lo of the Sloan School. He does research on how human behavior factors into economics and the limitations of the classical economics model that people are...

Testarossa 0


Peter thinks we need more Ferraris around here. This is the hood of a 1961 Testarossa we saw at the Lime Rock vintage races a couple of years ago. Isn’t it pretty?