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Happy Meal

I finished up the back end of the engine today. That included replacing the O-ring on the crank angle sensor, which had been leaking, the cool new, lightweight flywheel, … and a new clutch....


Raspberry season

Yesterday I went and picked raspberries at the Wright-Locke Farm in Winchester. It was cloudy and bit cool, but I still managed to find a lot of super berries. Of course you can just...



I’ve got the engine apart at the moment to replace things like the timing belt. As long as it’s apart, I figured I’d make things a little prettier. The biggest change is that I...



Yale recently launched this cool website named Photogrammar. It’s a giant collection of photographs taken for the FSA and the OWI. The interesting bit is that they’ve given you tools to slice the collection...


Goody Box

Oh, oh, oh! What do you think is in the box that came from Flyin’ Miata today? It’s all sorts of goodies for the engine that’s going into the Westfield! There’s a big clutch, a lightened...


Christian McBride @ Rockport

Last night we went to see the Christian McBride trio at the beautiful Shalin Liu center in Rockport. It’s a really wonderful little hall with a view out over the ocean behind the performers....


What Makes the Miata so Great?

Here’s another nice video from the guys at XCar. This one’s about our favorite toy, the Miata. Stay to the end to find out what you’re supposed to do when yours rusts out. It’s...



I’ve been doing a lot of work on the rear end of the Westfield recently. The differential has been in for a while, but I didn’t have the axles in until last weekend. Miatas...


Scratch Conference 2014

This week the Lifelong Kindergarten Group is hosting the fourth Scratch Conference at the Media Lab. It’s wonderful to reconnect with educators from earlier conferences and to meet new people. I am still trying...

Fathers, Sons, & Cars 0

Fathers, Sons, & Cars

I enjoyed this article on NPR last night. It’s about the place car repair has in the traditional American father/son relationship.