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Awaiting Picture

The Westfield isn’t exactly a tab A in slot B sort of project. There’s a lot of puzzling about exactly how things go together. At the moment, I’m sorting all of the suspension bits....


Processing Test

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but all of our old process sketches have been dead since we switched to WordPress. We were embedding them with iframe, and WordPress thought that wasn’t safe. I’ve...


FIRST Worlds

We spent half of last week at the World Championships for FIRST. This is the organization which Dean Kamen started in New Hampshire 25 years ago to show kids that engineering can be fun...



Spring seems to really be here at last. We’ve had snowdrops and crocuses for a while now, but this weekend the daffodils opened up. It’s awfully nice to see them after that long winter.


Before & After

I spend a lot of time cleaning up old photographs. I don’t really enjoy talking about the mechanics of the process. I guess that it ruins the zen of it. But Chris keeps saying...


Rigatoni Milano

I don’t remember where I got this recipe from. I copied it down from somewhere, and it’s been in my 3-ring binder now for years, so it seemed like time to get it online....


25 Years of the Web

According to Tim Berners-Lee it was the 25th anniversary of the web this week. I’m not really sure of that number as it was another year before he wrote the first browser. But it...


How Cold Was It?

Nate Silver (of election night fame) has launched his new journalism site called FiveThirtyEight. One of the first articles up is about this winter’s weather. It’s called This Winter Wasn’t the Coldest, But It...


Fuel Lines

I got the 2 main fuel lines fabricated today. They’re 5/16 steel tubing, and they’re really difficult to bend well. I completely buggered up the first one I did. After a little digging around,...



Harvard is certainly the place to be for jazz this term. In addition to having Herbie Hancock as the Norton professor, Vijay Iyer is now a professor there too. I guess because having just...