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Another Interesting Polyhedron

I really liked George Hart’s recent video on one of Abraham Sharp’s quirky polyhedra. That inspired me to make one in OnShape. That’s handy because you can then use the cool measuring tool to...


Stuffed Eggplants

The basic method is from my old Moosewood cookbook, but I wanted to come up with something that had a more Spanish flavor using smoked paprika, and still keep it vegetarian. Save Print Stuffed...


Frank Tamale Pie

      The original is from an old Better Homes & Gardens cookbook, but recently I realized that I’ve changed almost everything. So I decided it was time to write down my version....

Wheel Bearings 0

Wheel Bearings

I’m finally back in the (very cold) workshop after a lot of running around this winter. One big item on this winter’s todo list was replacing the front wheel bearings on the Westfield. It’s...



It looks like that time of year: 2020 hasn’t felt like a normal year, but the turkeys don’t seem to have noticed. We hope that you have a good (and safe) Thanksgiving.


Great Brook Farm

It was beautiful out today. And we had a new President-elect. So Chris & I went for a drive. We went out to Carlisle. While we were there, we stopped at Great Brook Farm....



The other day signs like this started appearing all around our neighborhood. You might recognize those as film location signs. They’re doing a TV series about Julia Child. They’ve been filming around Cambridge for...



I was cleaning out the dark corner at the back of one of the shelves in the workshop when I found a box full of old papers. A lot of them were MIT green...



I had a few bits of walnut left over from the hexmirror project, so I finally got around to something that’s been on my todo list forever. I replaced the ratty cardboard box I...

Grand Prix 0.9 0

Grand Prix 0.9

I was cleaning out a closet the other day and discovered another bit of ancient Stellar/Stardent junk. I wrote a lot of the early graphics demos for the Stellar. There were ones like a...