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I just finished reading Stephen Greenblatt’s recent book The Swerve: How the World Became Modern. It’s a very enjoyable read. It starts with a Indiana Jones-like story of Poggio Bracciolini searching through monastery libraries...


Moroccan Chicken

A few weeks ago I became interested in preserving lemons. Wilson’s had a bag of Meyer lemons for a reasonable price so I decided to give it a try. Turns out it’s pretty easy...


Happy St Patrick’s Day

We’d had a nice traditional Corned Beef Dinner while down in Florida last month, so I decided that we should try something a little different today. I found this post about baking corned beef...

Out of Print 0

Out of Print

Did you hear the news? The Encyclopaedia Britannica is going out of print. The 2010 edition was the last paper version. Isn’t that sad? I spent hours pouring through it in the library when...


Tom’s Photo Class

I finally got around to scanning the rest of Tom’s projects from the photography class he took last semester (link1, link2). Here are a few of my favorites.


Pete in the GT 40

The other day I mentioned the time that Peter got to sit in that GT 40 that’s now on the market, but I didn’t have any good pictures with me at the time. I...

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Here are some videos we’ve enjoyed recently. We really enjoyed this one by J. Nathan Matias about what the weekend is like at the Media Lab. “Friday” at the MIT Media Lab from J....


Historic American Buildings Survey

The Library of Congress has a lot of interesting stuff online. One which I’ve found pretty interesting recently is called the HABS/HAER/HALS Collection. It’s a collection of engineering drawings and photographs of all sorts...

That’s a Load’a “You Know What” 0

That’s a Load’a “You Know What”

The other day I dumped on Romney about his op-ed in the Detroit News. On the other hand, I really liked this speech that Obama gave to the UAW the other day. There are...


Florida Birds

We were visiting my parents in Florida last week. Spring has definitely sprung there. Since there were a lot of birds out, and I had a new camera to play with, I took a...