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Arthur Benjamin recently gave a TED talk about changing the focus of math education. The short version is that he thinks the focus should be on getting kids to a solid understanding of statistics...

Moon 2


Chris and I went to see the movie Moon the other night. It’s about a guy who’s nearing the end of a three year tour working at a mining base on the moon. He’s...

Broiled Cod 1

Broiled Cod

We got another cod from the CSF today. A beautiful 5 pound one. We decided to broil it. Here’s the recipe: Broiled Cod with Butter and Herbs 2 tablespoons fresh tarragon 2 tablespoons fresh...

Balanced Ternary in MATLAB 0

Balanced Ternary in MATLAB

I wanted to do something with balanced ternary the other day, so I wrote this MATLAB class. classdef bt % Class for managing numbers in balanced ternary. % properties (SetAccess=’private’) trits = ”; end...


First Band Concert of the Summer

In the summertime in Lexington, there is a band concert every Tuesday night. The Lexington Bicentennial Band plays. They’re very good. Tonight was the first one for this season because the High School ran...


Garlic scapes

These beautiful curly greens are garlic scapes. I’d never actually had any before as you don’t usually find them in stores. Our friends who have a CSA gave them to us along with a...


A day in the life

I had my birthday party today. We built forts of cardboard and duct tape (mostly duct tape). This was one of them. Then we proceeded to attack each other with foam and PVC weapons...

ProtoShield 0


One of the pieces that came with Pete’s Arduino is a ProtoShield. This is a little breadboard that sits on top of the Arduino and makes it easy to assemble projects with several components....


Awesome car video

The British racing show Top Gear testdrove the FXX my favorite all time car watch the video here. It was driven by the Stig. This is a picture of my Lego FXX.