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Tom off to Newcastle

We saw Tom off to England last night. He’s arriving today to stay with Martha and Scott for a few months. Hope we get to hear about his travels in England while he’s there.



Our neighborhood turkeys are making themselves a bit scarce today. Probably because they know about this: As you may remember, we have quite a few wild turkeys in our neighborhood. Some years more than...



Most of my car time is still being spent stripping parts off of the old Miata. Last weekend I finally got the wiring harness out. It was a total of 30 pounds of wiring!...

Wayne Shorter’s Birthday 0

Wayne Shorter’s Birthday

Last night we were lucky enough to be in the audience for the big ‘do at Symphony Hall in honor of Wayne Shorter’s 80th birthday. It was quite the lineup. First up, was ACS,...


Pasta with sausage, tomatoes and cream

This is one of our all time favorite pasta recipes. Usually I make it with bow-ties (farfalle), but this time I used another shape. The June 1990 copy of Bon Appétit that the original...



One of the more complicated bits that gets transferred from the Miata to the Westfield is the wiring harness. It doesn’t seem like it should be that bad, but the wiring harness in a...


The Most British Bit

Nothing too exciting on the Westfield front. I took advantage of the wonderful weather we’re having by stripping more parts off of the old Miata. I’d be nice to get that done before winter...



So I’ve been sorting through the pile of car parts in the garage. I’ve now got things in good enough order that I can plan the first step. As you might expect, that has...


Which fictional character are you?

Have you ever been tested for your Myers-Briggs type? That’s the one that is a combination of 4 letters I/E S/N F/T J/P.  Here’s a quick test if you don’t already know your ‘type’....



We’ve planted potatoes in our garden the last couple of years. The results have been tasty, but not really too impressive. We usually get a handful of tiny new potatoes. They taste really good,...