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Herbie @ Harvard 1

Herbie @ Harvard

I’m very disappointed that I haven’t been able to attend any of the talks which Herbie Hancock has been given during his tenure in the Charles Eliot Norton Professorship here in town this year....


FTC State Finals

Peter’s robotics team went to the state championships yesterday at Bridgewater State. It was a big event with teams from all over the state (and New Hampshire). The competition was really exciting. Their machine...


Making a List

I have all the parts I need off the old Miata. Now I’m going through checking each of them and making a list of which I can keep, and which I need to replace...


Cold Winter

Usually when we get back from Florida the snow drops are starting to bloom on the north side of the house. Not this year. As you can see the ones closest to the house...

Trials 0


XCAR recently posted this video about the history of the Lotus 7. It’s pretty interesting because it has a lot about Sporting Trials, which is a fascinating sport which we don’t hear much about on this...


Back Home

We just got back from a week visiting my parents in Florida. The weather was absolutely perfect. The only clouds we saw all week were from the top.


Welcome to the new blog

Ta-Daa! I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been spending time getting the blog moved from Blogger to WordPress. Blogger was quick and easy to set up many years ago when we were...


Plenty of Potatoes for Boston Area

When I was getting the garage ready for the new project, I wanted to improve the insulation so that it’d be a little warmer this winter. As part of that, I took the window...



We’ve recently been playing with an interesting program called WebIDE by Tyler Cooper. You install it on a Raspberry Pi and it starts a little web server. You connect to this with a browser...


Point Loma

Last week my company had a big meeting in San Diego. It was a nice break from the cold weather we’ve been having here. So on Saturday a group of us decided to play...